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The brain (ears) Explanation writing

Explanation writing

Title: The brain (ears)
I will tell you about the ears and how the brain picks up the sounds from your ears.

Have you ever Have you ever wondered how the sounds from your ears go to your brain.Well I’ll explain it.

The sounds travel through your ears until it gets to the eardrum.The eardrum is like a drum and the sounds that go into your ear is like a drum stick.The sound hits against the eardrum that makes vibrations.Then those vibrations go through the middle ear, the bones Inside carrie it through the middle ear.the middle ear have heaps of tiny hair cells.When the vibrations go through the middle ear bones also known as the Ossicles.It brushes against the hairs turning it  into electrical signals.Those are to transfered to the brain through a vane.
I found this information off this link.

The middle ear bone is known as the Auditory Ossicle it contains three bones. They are called the malleus also known as the hammer,the incus also called the anvil and the stapes also called the stirrup.They all play the same part so if we didn’t have one of them we wouldn’t be able to hear because they make the vibrations flow through the middle ear.All of the three ear bones together transmit vibrations that get sent through the middle of the ear that go to the brain.

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Foods on Mars (Johnathan and Elliot)

WALA: finding reliable information from more than 2 sources and learning about how people use food in different places.

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Descriptive Writing

I've been working on descriptive writing.I've tried to give a picture in the mind of the reader.